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  • D&B J8 Series

    D&B line array speaker system consist of: - 20 D&B J8, three ways More..

  • ST Square Trussing

    Square Trussing with a square profile geometric for mammoth loads• Tol More..

  • ROBE Robin MMX Spot

    ROBE The ROBIN 600 Spot has a dramatically increased light output (fro More..




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Welcome To Target For Events Website

Target for events founded in 1998 Cairo, Egypt by Emad Nabil when he decided to open a specialized professional high tech light, sound and staging rental company. Then we launched our second branch in the beginning of 2011 in Doha, Qatar.

Target for Events spread out its services, adding new ones and uncovered different perspectives in the entertainment world. Target is equipped with top of the line inventory from moving lights, speaker, line arrays, mixers, amplifiers, consoles, monitors, Led Screens, staging & many other products that is always updated to preserve the company reputation in the market.

It's the official representative of ROBE lighting and EURO Truss in both Egypt and Qatar.

The equipment is preserved in a warehouse where the company technician's make regular checkups and making sure of the effectiveness of each piece.

AUDI 2014

AUDI 2014